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Business Translation and Text Adaptation from Spanish and Catalan for International Markets.

Spanish and Catalan to English Translator specialized in International Trade, Marketing and Corporate Communication.

If you have got this far, you are probably already visualizing a new level in communication. You may need to express business plans, transmit a corporate image, start a publicity or marketing campaign, project a new product, a new idea, or simply communicate on a more global level.


Visualize your corporate communication in an international environment. Conceptualize the way that you want your clients to see and perceive your image. Recreate your texts into perfect English. Reach thousands of new markets. Millions of new clients.

LOVE what you do!

Do you love what you do? Are you passionate about your work?

If you love what you do, it is very likely that you do it well. I translate from Spanish and Catalan into English or into other languages in collaboration with other talented translators, specializing in marketing, international trade, webpages, corporate communication, as well as journalistic, creative style texts and articles. I love what I do. Companies need their corporate texts to flow to perfection, to adapt their communication according to the precise image they need to portray in order to relate to their customers.Today's fast-paced business environment of continuous interaction with clients, on social media, through press releases and reports means that excellent communication skills are more essential than ever. I will transform your corporate communication into English of a publishable level, to attract clients, reflect the personality of your company, designed to make your business stand out. 

Communication is my passion.

Areas of speciality

As a translator, I work with many different types of texts from diverse sectors and fields. If your field is highly specialized, I always collaborate with translators specialized in other sectors where necessary. I partner with quality translation agencies and I collaborate directly with different companies and organizations.

Webpages and Localization

Press Releases and Journalistic Texts

Contracts and Human Resources

Hotel and Tourism

Articles and Reports

Corporate Communication and Marketing

Sports and Events

Advertising and Publicity

How do I work?
I work in close collaboration with each company, organization or agency, and provide a highly personalized service. I don't intend to be just another supplier; my philosophy is to work as a partner, provide follow-up and the necessary adaptation as part of my service. There are no two companies the same, or two projects identical. Adaptation is key.


For further information, a quote, or if you simply want to know more about me, I would love to hear from you!




+34 617.373.535

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